The Mouse Mansion - Class Room Furniture Kit NEW



Decorating your mouse mansion rooms has never been this easy or fun! This DIY package makes putting together miniature classroom furniture accessible to all. Paint each piece of furniture exactly as you’d like and let your imagination run free as fas as colours and designs go.

What's in the kit?
- two miniature school desks with benches

- a miniature lectern
- a miniature blackboard
- a miniature ABC board
- a miniature cabinet

The miniature furniture is divided over four wooden sheets with an FSC certification. All the parts are easily pushed out of the sheets, as they are pre-cut. This kit has been designed by Karina and Tom Schaapman, the creators of the original Mouse Mansion. These furniture pieces are the real deal!

Watch the youtube tutorials and learn how to easily assemble these pieces and decorate them.

The Mouse Mansion is so much more than a dollhouse for mice with miniature furniture; it is a world in itself. 

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