Rainbow Sky Muslin


This beautiful swaddle is perfect for keeping newborns super cozy and prepared for those first treasured pictures!

The swaddle is one of those extremely versatile items - use it as a blanket, nursing cover, changing mat cover and lots more. Plus as its made from a breathable bamboo material its perfect to use as a pram sun shade or to keep with wind out.

This is a special gift for any mum-to-be!

Lulujo's extra-large (47" x 47") all-in-one muslin cotton swaddling blankets are made with finely woven muslin cloth. Soft and breathable, these wraps not only help baby feel safe and secure while swaddled, they can also be used as a blanket, a nursing cover, a portable crib sheet, a change mat, a stroller cover and more.

    Type: Baby Gifts