Maileg Spring Summer 2024 Collection : Preorder and Reservation Options

We are very excited about the launch of the new Maileg 2024 collection. 

This new collection will be available to preview from 3rd Jan with items arriving in store in a wave of releases across the first half of the year. 

If you are new to Maileg, you may be wondering why we are sharing details of these items when they aren't yet available.  These beautiful toys are loved by adults as well as children and are very collectible. New products can sell out before they arrive in stock. We will place a big order on the day of release to ensure that our customers get the opportunity to own these beautiful items. Preorders and reservations also help us to ensure that we have the right number of each item to allow us to meet your needs.

After successfully running previous pre order campaigns, we are excited to be able to offer a number of options to customers, who are interested in ordering these items before they are in stock.  We are committed to operating cautiously to protect our customers and avoid disappointment:

A Limited Pre-order Service:  for items that we have on a confirmed order with Maileg and where Maileg have confirmed shipping dates to Ruby & Grace HQ.  We will only accept pre-orders up the quantities of items we have confirmation for. Once we reach these levels the item will show as sold out. If you have already placed a pre-order or a reservation for this item please don't worry your item has already been secured for you.

If you would like to place a pre order, simply place the items in your cart and checkout as normal. This in an excellent option if you would like the peace of mind that your goodies are secure and you don't need to do anything more except get excited for their arrival.

Preorders will open as soon as Maileg confirm my order and I know I have secured stock.  I will be happy to take requests for specific items to be added to my order if there is something else you would like.

Reservations: If you would prefer you are still welcome to place a reservation for items prior to their arrival. I will be happy to reserve your items for you on purchase of a non refundable gift Card for the amount corresponding to your order size.  Please note that I adjust the volume of products ordered from Maileg in order to ensure I can supply you with the products reserved. 

Orders up to the Value of £100    Secured with £20 gift Card

Orders up to the Value of £200    Secured with £40 gift Card

Orders up to the Value of £300    Secured with £50 gift Card

Orders up to the Value of £400    Secured with £60 gift Card

For orders over the value of £500  Secured with a £100 Gift Card

Gift cards can then be redeemed against the purchase price of the reserved items once they are in stock. 

This option can be an excellent choice to help you spread the cost of your purchase. With this option you are free to buy gift cards as and when suits you in the run up to the launch. You can settle the full balance when you are ready to do so. 

If you would like to place a reservation simply add the items to your cart and then follow the normal checkout process but select the payment method  'Reservation, payment due before shipping'.  Then complete a separate order for the Gift card in the required value to secure your reservation. 

Notification When Stock Arrives: If you would prefer just to be the first to know when stock has arrived at Ruby&Grace HQ, please sign up to our mailing list, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or contact me to let me know which items you are interested in and I will keep you posted with stock updates.  

I have placed a large order so I should have stock of most items available to purchase when they arrive.

I have added the estimated delivery dates for each item as given to me by Maileg. Please note that these dates tend to move around a fair bit, therefore I cannot guarantee delivery dates 100%. 

I can however, 100% promise that I will always look after my customers and in the event that things don't go according to plan I will work with you to find the best solution for you. 

Shipping: If you have ordered a mixture of 'in stock' and pre-order items or items with different release dates, they will obviously arrive at HQ at different times. Typically we wait to ship when all your products have arrived in stock. Depending on your order, we may group your items, so that shipping costs are kept at a reasonable level but you don't have to wait too long for your goodies.  If you have any specific shipping requirements or important dates like Birthdays that we need to factor in please feel free to contact me and we can try to accommodate your preferences.   

Cancellations: We offer a 14 day cooling off period to make significant changes or to cancel pre-order or reservation arrangements.  After that period we will work with you to make changes where possible, but we would ask that you try and stick to your order as much as possible.  By this point we we will of made reservations and committed to buy stock on your behalf.  If for any reason we are unable to deliver your order, we will of course work with you to find the best resolution, including full refunds or refunds of gift card purchases where appropriate.  Unless agreed otherwise, the deposit placed on gift card will be non refundable should you decide to cancel your reservation after the 14 day cooling off period.