Lose yourself in the pages of your favourite kind of story. Bookshops are powerful places that allow knowledge, curiosity and wonder to thrive. These new Momiji are united by their love for the written word. Which section of a bookshop do you love the most? 

Please note the doll on the front of the box is not necessarily the doll inside. The boxes are all the same but the Momiji inside is a mystery. The box is sealed so it will be a surprise when you open it.

These dolls are made from vinyl so they feel a bit different from our resin Momiji.

At 7 - 8.5cm tall, they’re a little bit shorter than resin Momiji dolls. These dolls do have messages hidden inside them!

There are 13 characters in total. If you buy 12 single boxes there is no guarantee that each one will be different.

Some boxes will contain the ‘extra special’ character which is Bettie Baker, the croissant. She's rare. 1 in 12 sets will contain her (or 1/144 if you’re buying single dolls). 



Type: Plushie