Felt Vibrant Veggies Set of 4


We love this beautiful range of Fairtrade products.

Four gorgeous, needle felted Veggies that are bound to look just fabulous in your doll house Kitchen or on your Easter tree!

Pop them alongside the carrots to create a feast or with some Chicks and Bunnies to really create the perfect Easter vibe. Just remember to keep them away from the bunnies! 

Type: Hanging Decoration
Dimensions: approx 7cm each
Material: 100% wool
Suitable from: 3 years
Manufacturing: Handmade needle felted

Manufacturing: Handmade needle felted 

Implementing and Promoting the importance of Fair trade is at the heart of Felt so good’s ethics. Every product purchased supports our team of skilled artisans in Nepal, enabling them to live independently with access to safe, discrimination free work with a fair rate of pay.

The underlying ethos behind Felt so good is to produce high quality, ethically produced, sustainable, biodegradable products that don’t compromise on design,