Felt Potted Cactus Plants 6 Assorted Varieties


We love this beautiful range of Fairtrade products.

Perfect for adding some greenery to your dollhouse or even your own the kitchen. These adorable felted herbs will last a life time, unlike the real deal!

We're not sure if they taste as good, but they are made from entirely natural and sustainable materials. We wouldn't recommend using them in your next recipe, however. Choose from Basil, Mint, Chives or Rosemary - depending on your tastebuds!

Price is per plant

Type: Hanging Decoration
Dimensions: 20cm-14cm tall, Pot: 6cm wide x 5cm tall
Material: 100% wool
Suitable from: 3 years
Manufacturing: Handmade needle felted

Implementing and Promoting the importance of Fair trade is at the heart of Felt so good’s ethics. Every product purchased supports our team of skilled artisans in Nepal, enabling them to live independently with access to safe, discrimination free work with a fair rate of pay.

The underlying ethos behind Felt so good is to produce high quality, ethically produced, sustainable, biodegradable products that don’t compromise on design, 



Felt Potted Cactus Plants 6 Assorted Varieties - Ficus (Purple and green leaves, grey pot) is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.