Confetti Space Hopper Made from Recycled Material: NEW ARRIVAL

Discover our incredible confetti printed jumping ball. This jumping balloon with a festive design, decorated with colorful confetti, will delight little ones while being environmentally friendly, because it is made from recycled materials.
Our confetti printed jumping ball is designed to provide your child with hours of entertainment as they happily jump through the air.  Not only will your child have lots of fun, but they will develop their motor coordination and balance too. Its playful design evokes the magic of birthday parties and moments of laughter with friends.
For ages 2-6 :You can customise the level of inflation so it can grow as your child grows!
Delivered deflated.   Ratatam Kids offers you a detailed tutorial on how to successfully inflate balloons effortlessly.



INCI list

Made from phthalate-free recycled PVC.
Type: Space Hopper
SKU: BS-009