Colouring Book + 145 Stickers: Parisiennes NEW ARRIVAL


Les Parisiennes

Madame Constance with Mesdemoiselles Eglantine, Colette, Eloïse, Agathe and Blanche, very Parisian and at the peak of fashion, take you for an afternoon’s shopping on the magical streets of Paris …

Product description

A 20-page colouring book with delicate pencil sketches, illustrated by Lucille Michieli, depicting a variety of scenes that can be brought to life with 145 coloured stickers. 5 sticker sheets featuring animals, objects, furniture and plants to create a world of your own.
Not washable.
Age of use
3+ 642576
Size Material
33,0cm # Papier imprimé, plastique PP
Type: Sticker Book
SKU: 642576