Vintage Paper Easter Egg Peter Rabbit, Benjamin and Mr Rabbit


Gorgeous reusable Swedish Vintage style Ägg to fill with treats!

Children familiar with the Swedish version of Peter Rabbit will know Mr Bunny as Herr Kanin. Seen here with his best friend Benjmin, Pelle (Peter) looks about to feast on some delicious vegetables. While your own little bunnies might not be quite as wild about carrots, getting them a Scandi-style Easter egg is a great opportunity to give them something other than chocolates or sweets for their Easter treat. 

Why not surprise someone with an Ägg filled with an easter treat of your choice.  Maileg Bunnies or Kiko & GG wooden toys make perfect filllings. Or, you could of course fill it with a selection of sweets.

Enjoy the Scandinavian tradition of saving your egg for Easters to come and putting different treats inside it each year. Think Christmas stocking, Easter egg style!

The inside of the egg measures 15 cm from end to end


Type: Easter Egg