Picasso Tiles 60 Piece Glow in the Dark Set


Magnetic Tiles do not come cooler than this amazing glow in the dark set.  We are so excited to get our hands on these!

The glow in the dark pieces can be assembled either as a stand alone magnet tile set or in conjunction with other PicassoTiles magnetic building blocks as integrated add-on pieces to create stable and stronger foundation for bigger and taller or supersized structures.

Dream big & build big, no limitations, scalable to build as big as desired by adding more building tiles to create the masterpiece. The strong magnets in these sets allow little ones to build taller structures like towers without worrying about them toppling. PicassoTiles has done it again. STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math all-in-one magnetic building tile set.


In The Box 60 pc's
large square base pieces x 4
square x 24
equilateral triangle x 18
right triangle x 8
isosceles triangle x 6


Suitable for Children 3 years and over 

NON-TOXIC, BPA-FREE and LEAD-FREE – This child-safe product is tested to ensure quality and meet safety standards for children to play freely