Flower Fairies Mini Handbag Tin Asstd SOLD OUT


The most beautiful whimsical little tins. Perfect for gifting or just as a treat for yourself 

Based on Cecily Mark Barker’s Flower Fairies these mini handle tin bags feature one of eight beautiful designs.

Since their first publication in 1923, Flower Fairies have enchanted both adults and children alike, with Cicely Mary Barker’s botanically accurate drawings appealing to our innate sense of magic and wonder.

Flower Fairies make their homes high and low; in the treetops, in marshes, on the forest floor and in the garden. Wherever and whenever a seed sprouts, a Flower Fairy baby is born. Each Flower Fairy lives and sleeps in their chosen flower, plant or tree, and as this grows, the fairy grows too.

Size: 66 x 65 x 34mm.

Tin will be selected at random, If you have a preference please let us know and we will accommodate if possible 



Type: Gift Tin

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