Copy of Picasso Tiles 150pc Marble Run Building Blocks


PicassoTiles Marble Run 150 Piece Magnetic Tile Race Track Toy Play Set 


OPEN ENDED POSSIBILITIES – Contains 150 vibrant, colorful, translucent and magnetic piece building blocks and tiles that connect together intuitively to allow hand-eye coordination, motor skill training, and child brain development. Equipped with 10 different geometric shapes, including columns, slopes, slides, funnels, U-turns and steel-weighted marbles, the 3-D race track allows multi-layer designs that enable children to stimulate the imaginations

PROBLEM SOLVING – Enhances and encourage STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), which is a key factor to success in today’s ever-changing world. With interconnecting 3D forms, kids learn about geometric shapes, principles and polarities of magnets, number counting, architectural and structural designs. The magnetic tiles allow children to construct their own designs while spatial awareness and fine motor skills – all while playing!

Dream big & build big, no limitations, Picasso Tiles has done it again. STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math all-in-one magnetic building set.

The magnetic building block toy playset can be used as a stand alone set or in conjunction with other Picasso Tiles magnet tile construction toy as integrated add-on pieces to offer OPEN-ENDED POSSIBILITIES of structures and creativity

Inside the Box, 40pc's 

7 x quarter round turns

18 x magnetic square with circle center

2 x long straight slides

7 x straight slides/support columns

1 x U-turn slides

1 x short straight slide

2 x steel-weighted marbles

1 x slide and drop combo piece

1 x magnetic square


Suitable for Children 3 years and over 

NON-TOXIC, BPA-FREE and LEAD-FREE – This child-safe product is tested to ensure quality and meet safety standards for children to play freely